Thank you for visiting our "team space" - the place, where we collect and put everything, related to Eloqua and Marketing operations.

Who we are?

Our "Marketing Systems and Operations" team (aka "Mkt SysOps") was set up back in 2016 by Niels Rasmussen as a team lead and Jesus Requena Franko as a manager.
A lot of things change over time - 2 team members remain unchanged - Max Bida and Alex Smirnov. Now, we are a part of "Demand Generation" with "immutable" Jesus on top and charming Christy Cowan!
Feel free to contact us at any time whether you have work questions, or just want to invite us for a beer or two :)

What we do?

  • We manage data
  • We help you to attract customers
  • We are at your service when it comes to Eloqua
  • In GENERAL - comprehensive support for Emails, Forms, Campaigns and everything you may ask for...

First time here? Quick tips:

Marketing Systems and Operations

Responsible for Eloqua, data and reporting.

Christy Cowan

Marketing Systems and Operations Lead


Vivian Cheng

Marketing Systems and Operations Manager

San Francisco

Max Beda

Mkt SysOps specialist


Alex Smirnov

Mkt SysOps specialist


Sai Sashank Srigiriraju

Data + Growth Marketing

San Francisco

Natalia De Los Rellez

Growth Marketing Specialist


Demand Generation

Responsible for Leads.

Jesus Requena Franco

Director, Growth Marketing

San Francisco

Jonas Oliveira

Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

San Francisco

Sarah Chapman

Integrated Campaigns Marketing Manager

San Francisco

Carol Wu

Integrated Marketing Campaigns Manager

San Francisco

Claudia Leon

Performance Partnerships - Affiliate & Content

San Francisco

Christine Louie

Senior Manager, Performance Marketing B2B

San Francisco

Carmen Ongsiako

Senior Manager
San Francisco

Recently completed

Resources hub hosted on Uberflip is live!

We recently launched a new mircosite, resources.unity.com for ABM customer journeys. This microsite is not linked to the main website navigation, and is only accessible via Demand Gen Nurture flows. The goal of the microsite is to provide users a one stop shop for ABM content. The microsite is hosted on Uberflip, a Digital content experience platform that helps create custom personalized hubs to drive better B2B buying journey experiences.

Intercom chat bot live on Solutions pages!

We deployed the Intercom chat bot to the Unity Solutions pages which allows us to pre-qualify leads before routing leads to Sales.

Outreach sequences Redefined!

We recently updated our Outreach processes to more closely match the sales workflow, which enables our sales team to use marketing content for follow-up sequences.

In progress

Eloqua and Salesforce Integration

The integration between Eloqua and Salesforce is being re-vamped! The native Salesforce to Eloqua integration is currently configured using external calls and program builder. This system creates latency for leads as they sync to Salesforce. The updated integration would result in lead syncs of fifteen minutes or less.
Currently, we are estimating this will be done by the end of July.

My Preference Page

Unity’s My Preference page is continuously being improved to meet CCPA and GDPR standards and be easy to understand for users. Users will soon be able to easily manage their preferences for both email and advertising channels. You can see a sample page here.
Estimated completion: early July

Account Enrichment: Funnelbeam

The Funnelbeam lead enrichment integration is being updated within Eloqua to allow us to monitor the data for volume and errors in data mapping. o have error monitoring on both side.
Estimated completion: early July

Contact Level Security in Eloqua

In an effort to facilitate Eloqua users' flows and campaign setup, the team is implementing contact level security. This allows members to more easily target contacts based on the labels assigned to them.
Estimated completion: early July


Buying Signals in SFDC

Looking at additional buying signals from companies, for example:

  • How many Developers/Artists/BIM Engineers do companies have?
  • Are accounts hiring for key roles?
  • Have accounts announced new game releases, release delays, new projects, awards, etc?

On24 Integration

To improve how we interact with users during webinars, an On24 integration will be added to Eloqua.

Eloqua service desk

This is where you can request a task for work to be done in Eloqua. Email, Landing Page, Form, Campaign, Segment and so on. Don't hesitate!

Email templates

Review the templates we use for Emails now:

Form templates

Review the templates we use for Forms now:

Contact us

Eloqua master: Max Bida
Eloqua master: Alex Smirnov
Marketing Ops Lead: Christy Cowan
Director: Jesus Requena Franco

Slack: #marketing-eloqua - for general questions on Eloqua
Slack: #campaign-managers - for advanced Eloqua setup and best practice

And even more...

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