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Who we are?

The MOPS team manages data quality, data integrations, and data migrations; we manage our Enterprise-wide email marketing system, and maintain the integration of our MarTech stack of tools. MOPS are the essential workers, powering ABM and Digital Direct efforts.

What we do?

  • We manage data
  • We help you to attract customers
  • We are at your service when it comes to Eloqua
  • In GENERAL - comprehensive support for Emails, Forms, Campaigns and everything you may ask for...

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MOPs Systems

Christy Cowan

Marketing Systems and Operations Lead


Max Beda

Mkt SysOps specialist


Alex Smirnov

Mkt SysOps specialist


Natalia De Los Rellez

Growth Marketing Specialist


Ewa Woźniak

Performance Marketing Manager


James Ryan

Software Engineer, Quality


MOPs Lead to Cash

Vivian Cheng

Marketing Systems and Operations Manager

San Francisco

Roopa Nagarajan

Marketing Operations Associate


MOPs Reporting

Nevin Vangala

Lead, Marketing Operations Management

San Francisco

Shanti Marcus

Growth Operations Associate


Sai Sashank Srigiriraju

Data + Growth Marketing

San Francisco

Recently completed

Updated “Evangelism” to “Technical Marketing”

With the name change from Evangelism to Technical Marketing, our team has updated mapping and data flows to properly reflect this change.

ON24 Integration

ON24 has been integrated with Eloqua to improve interaction and engagement with users during webinars. The integration allows us to capture registration, attendance, polls and surveys answered, and questions asked during the session.

Multi-touch Attribution Model - Data Updates

We are deploying a true multi-touch attribution model where we track each marketing touch in Salesforce. We’ve sourced all marketing touch points from our marketing automation tools and synched these data points to Salesforce.

This new data will help us to get a complete view of the customer journey and see how all of the touchpoints impact buying decisions. It will also allow us to more effectively report and optimize our campaign tactics and spend.

Content Syndication nurture flow for Gambling

Content Syndication is a large volume lead generation channel for Demand Gen. The lead volume is so high that we made some changes to the lead flow.Leads are sent to email nurture flows to increase the number of touches and warm up leads before getting to the sales team.

Ceros was explored as an option as a way to increase content interactivity for Multiplay and Vivox

Our team spent a month testing Ceros, a UX web page plug in tool to create more engaging content for Multiplay and Vivox. You can see an example of possible content here. We will be using some of the enhanced pages we developed with Ceros for future ABM campaigns.

In progress

Eloqua and Salesforce Integration

The integration between Eloqua and Salesforce is being re-vamped! The native Salesforce to Eloqua integration is currently configured using external calls and program builder. This system creates latency for leads as they sync to Salesforce. The updated integration would result in lead syncs of fifteen minutes or less.
Estimated completion: end of October

User Preference Page Updates

Unity’s My Preference page is continuously being improved to meet CCPA and GDPR standards and be easy to understand for users. Users will soon be able to easily manage their preferences for both email and advertising channels. You can see a sample page here.
Estimated roll-out: October 15, 2020

A/B Testing Forms for the Resource hub and future Unite Now seasons

3 form designs are currently being tested, and we are measuring conversions. This data will help us make informed decisions about future form designs.
Ongoing project

New Products email database migrations

Currently, we are scoping the migration of the email databases for Codice, Finger Foods, and Artomatix.
We will migrate lead and customer data from third-party email marketing tools into our Unity Eloqua email marketing tool.
Estimated completion: End of November


Content Syndication nurture flows for Gambling and M&E

Content syndication nurture flows will be set up for Gambling and M&E

Delta DNA migration from Marketo to Eloqua

Our team is currently preparing to migrate the deltaDNA prospect and customer data to Eloqua. Current goal is to migrate the marketing database by November/December 2020. The Salesforce database will be migrated in November 2020.

Intercom bot to campaign improvements

Questions will be reevaluated to improve the quality of leads that are being generated by Intercom.

Eloqua service desk

This is where you can request a task for work to be done in Eloqua. Email, Landing Page, Form, Campaign, Segment and so on. Don't hesitate!

Email templates

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Form templates

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Contact us

Eloqua master: Max Bida
Eloqua master: Alex Smirnov
Marketing Ops Lead: Christy Cowan

Slack: #marketing-eloqua - for general questions on Eloqua
Slack: #campaign-managers - for advanced Eloqua setup and best practice

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